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Multi Specie (All Day):

This is a full day of fishing, targeting Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Fish and Salmon. Capacity is up to 6 anglers.
Available July 1st – Aug 31st

** Plus applicable sales tax

Duration: 1 day.

Persons: 6 person maximum.

$2,700 for 6 person charter


These fishing charters are for the ultimate angler wishing for the utmost fishing adventure. Choose from several multi specie fishing charters which include Ling Cod fishing, Yellow eyed Rock Fishing charters, and Salmon/Halibut fishing combos.

Ling Cod is a great target for those wanting a bit more than the standard charter. Ranging from 12 inches to 5 feet with a world record weight of nearly 83lbs, this prehistoric looking fish is frequently caught while fishing for salmon or halibut. A very tasty fish with a nicely textured white meat which works perfectly in many recipes.

Yellow-eyed Rock Fish are another colorful favorite. These orangish-yellow, reddish-orange fish are easily recognized by the bright yellow of their eyes. Also nicknamed yellow bellow & red rock cod, yellow-eyed rock fish are great to add to your multi specie fishing charter and who knows, you might even catch an octopus.

Another popular combination is the Salmon/Halibut charters available when the mighty King Salmon and the acrobatic Silver Salmon are fighting their way into the rivers to make their incredible journey upstream to spawn. Catching salmon before they reach the fresh water delivers a bright silver appearance and the firm, fresh meat that is so sought after for the dinner table.

Ocean fishing for salmon in Alaska is typically done by trolling using downriggers. Trolling is pulling baits at varied depths to attract salmon.

Halibut fishing is usually done with a bait rig fished on or near the bottom with the vessel anchored or drifting.

Rockfish and lingcod are typically caught with lead-head jigs drifting structure in usually shallower waters out in the gulf of Alaska.

Directions to launch(s)

Anchor point– 74272 Anchor Point Rd, Anchor Point, AK 99556

Park in lot. Boats line up in order to launch. Find your boat name and meet the crew, you will load up on boat and the tractor will launch us into the Cook inlet.

Deep Creek–

Homer– Meeting point TBD office or captain will make sure you know well ahead of time.

Cabin– Office will send you address to the specific cabin we have you booked in.

Helpful Local links:

ADFG for fish and hunt licensing and tags
Tanners custom processing
Homer Fish processing

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