Gulf Coast Fishing

Centrally Located Gulf Coast Fishing in Alaska

Our fishing charters primarily launch out of Anchor Point and Deep Creek, which is 20 miles north of Homer and 60 miles south of the Kenai River in Soldotna.

The beach-launch tractor will put us in as close as possible to the most productive fishing out of these spots. Benefits are short boat rides, unlike Homer or Seward where you can be driving 3 hours one way! We’ve been known to get Fantastic Halibut and King Salmon fishing within 15 minutes of the launch! When we run offshore it can be up to and hour or so, with the exception of our multi-specie (potluck) trips when we run into the Gulf of Alaska for Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut, and whatever else bites.

The Best Saltwater Fishing Expeditions In Alaska

Homer, Alaska is located just 218 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. When visitors enter the town of Homer, Alaska they will see the welcome sign touting Homer as the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World”.  With over 30 years experience in the business, Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions leads some of the best halibut fishing charters in the area. We launch our trips from Anchor Point, Alaska which is 15 miles from Homer and closer to our prized fishing grounds.

If you are looking for a reliable transporter service in Alaska, you will not be disappointed with Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions. From the hospitality and delicious meals to great fishing and friendly service, they provide it all. The captain, Aaron, treats you like family and accommodates your needs. I have personally booked with him 4 times now (five in October) and referred him many times to friends. The memories, laughs and amazing experiences keep me coming back. Highly recommend them!

– Brian M from Colorado

Gulf Coast Fishing - Halibut Fishing Expedition Charters

North pacific halibut are truly amazing species of fish. They average 25-30lbs as adult fish. They spawn in the winter months. Halibut are unique in that they can grow to be huge fish. Some female halibut can grow to be over 500lbs and their length can be over 5 feet. Catching halibut is a true adventure in itself. That is why having an expert guide to help land your catch is key. With our company being in business over 30 years, you are sure to get a guide who can help you land that catch.

Any angler who has heard about the flaky, buttery halibut of Alaska’s pristine waters has more than likely had one or two fantasies of catching one of these great fish. The anticipation of the big one is a lure of its own. If you have ever hooked into a big one, you know it takes a bit of skill and a lot of perseverance to close the deal and Alaskan halibut fishing is no different. Halibut fishing is usually done with a bait rig fished on or near the bottom with the vessel anchored or drifting.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve had the great fortune to fish for Cook Inlet halibut with CAPT Aaron Mahoney of Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions. In 15 fishing trips, not once did our party of 6 fail to catch our limit of 2 fish per person; fish routinely average 30-50lbs though 80 to 100lb fish are not uncommon (and one 160lb fish in 2018!!). I know several other charter book Captains – they are all good fishermen – but since I can only pick one – I’m picking and staying with THE BEST – CAPT Mahoney and his team out of Anchor Point.

– Kevin Missel, Commander (Ret), U.S. Navy

If you have not had the opportunity to experience the North Gulf Coast waterways for over 30 years to gain the experience you need to catch your own, you need a guide with the right skills and experience on you Alaskan fishing adventure. As you step on board our Alaskan halibut charter you will be greeted by our knowledgeable charter host. Alaska Gulf Coast Expedition works to ensure each of our charter guests has the Gulf Coast fishing adventure of a lifetime. We ensure you have all the tools needed to make the catch and know some of the best areas for landing the best Alaskan halibut fish. Our charter captains are life-long Alaskans with a proven track record for success through the highest catch ratio and a flawless safety record. Count on us to help you fulfill your Alaskan saltwater adventures.

Our day trips include bait, tackle, free filleting by an experienced guide and professional instructor.

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Available May 1st – Aug 31st $350/person
** Plus applicable sales tax

Aaron, just wanted to give a shout out to you and your crews for making our trips with you so memorable. Our Halibut/Salmon trips have been a topic of discussion at many gatherings with family and friends that have joined us on these trips. The ribbing and lies never stop about who caught the biggest fish or who couldn’t get theirs in and needed help, or who couldn’t handle it on a very rough day. The memories are endless.

Your boats and gear are always in top shape and your crew amazes me especially with some of the beginners I bring your way. I really appreciate them and how hard they work. I have fished with many different guides/outfitters over the last 35 years and can honestly say your outfit is at the top of the list, hence why we have been back so many times.

I frequently recommend your outfit to friends heading to Alaska if they want a top notch experience.

Thanks for the great times.

– Dale Bretzke

Gulf Coast Fishing - Multi specie Fishing Expedition Charters

These Gulf Coast fishing charters are for the ultimate angler wishing for the utmost fishing adventure. Choose from several multi specie fishing charters which include Ling Cod fishing, Yellow eyed Rock Fishing charters, and Salmon/Halibut fishing combos.

Ling Cod is a great target for those wanting a bit more than the standard charter. Ranging from 12 inches to 5 feet with a world record weight of nearly 83lbs, this prehistoric looking fish is frequently caught while fishing for salmon or halibut. A very tasty fish with a nicely textured white meat which works perfectly in many recipes.

Yellow-eye Rock fish are another colorful favorite. These orangish-yellow, reddish-orange fish are easily recognized by the bright yellow of their eyes. Also nicknamed yellow bellow & red rock cod, yellow-eye rock fish are great to add to your multi specie fishing charter and who knows, you might even catch an octopus. Rockfish and lingcod are typically caught with lead-head jigs drifting structure in usually shallower waters out in the Gulf of Alaska.

Another popular combination is the Salmon/Halibut charters available when the mighty King Salmon and the acrobatic Silver Salmon are fighting their way into the rivers to make their incredible journey upstream to spawn. Catching salmon before they reach the fresh water delivers a bright silver appearance and the firm, fresh meat that is so sought after for the dinner table.

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Salmon/Halibut Combo (Full Day):

This is a King (Chinook) or Silver (Coho) Salmon/Halibut combo. Based on timing the tides, you will fish for salmon along the coastline and halibut in the deeper waters of Cook Inlet.

Multi Specie (All Day):

This is a full day of fishing, targeting Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Fish and Salmon. Capacity is up to 6 anglers.
Available July 1st – Aug 31st

** Plus applicable sales tax

I have been recreational fishing and guiding for over 40 years and I am proud to say that if you are looking to book a trip to Alaska on well-built and equipped boats then you need not look any further that Alaskan Gulf Coast Expeditions. From the time you contact Aaron on the phone to book, until the day you step on his boat you know you are working with a company that is designed around customer safety and fun. The boats are very sea worth and the equipment is top notch. Arron and his other captains and deck hands will give you a fantastic day of fishing, sightseeing and history lesson of the Kachemak bay area. You will be amazed at the start of the day with a mind blowing tractor launch, great boat ride with opportunities to see whales and other marine life. The fishing will bring muscle burning excitement on the deck followed by fish filleting that will blow your mind. The boat retrieval at the end of the day will leave you speechless as they fight the tide and load the boat on step to the trailer as the tractor pulls you out of the ocean. The absolute best part of the trip is the memories you will have as you pull out a fillet from the freezer and are reminded of the fantastic trip of a lifetime as you eat your dinner with friends. I will continue and have booked numerous trips with Alaskan Gulf Coast Expeditions and I have never been disappointed. The crew at Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions start as a two generation outfitting guide service on the phone, and will wrap up at the end of your booking as great friends for life.

– Mark Pixton Pocatello, Idaho

Gulf Coast Fishing - Alaska Salmon River Fishing Expeditions

Alaskan salmon can be caught in either river areas or the saltwater inlets. There are certain Alaskan halibut charter seasons where salmon can also be caught.  Northern Pacific salmon are considered highly sought after fish during excursions. The taste of the cool saltwater from the Alaskan Gulf Coast combined with the fresh taste of salmon leaves many anglers seeking fishing charters to catch these sought after fish.

In addition to the peaceful wildlife encounters on these excursions, an angler may even catch a glimpse of a moose or even a bear from time to time. In addition, one may encounter the many species of birds to include the possible bald eagle on our Alaska salmon fishing expeditions. These Alaska salmon charters combine the best of wildlife and fishing in one truly amazing adventure.   While the primary target is Salmon, it is not atypical to hook into a Rainbow Trout or feisty Dolly Varden Char.

Depending on the time of season – King and Silver salmon. There are 5 species of salmon caught in south central Alaska. King (chinook), Silver (coho). Kings are caught year round (May typically being the best month) and Silvers are caught mid July – early September.

Ocean fishing for salmon in Alaska is typically done by trolling using downriggers. Trolling is pulling baits at varied depths to attract salmon.

My family and I have been fishing with Aaron for about ten years, and we can always count on catching fish with him! They’re not always 165 pounds like we caught a few years ago, but they are always fun to catch and even better to eat!

He and his crew go the extra mile to get you on fish and as long as they are launching from the beach, they’ll put you there in calm or rough seas!

You can’t go wrong by chartering with them, that’s for sure and for certain!

– Terry Baxter, Master Chief Petty Officer (Ret.)

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River Trip (Full Day):
This is a full day of fishing, targeting Salmon or Trout
Available mid-May through September

** Plus applicable sales tax

In 2020 I bought a Halibut charter Groupon for two from Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions. Unfortunately, the weather was not safe for the day we were going to launch, delaying the trip, then the pandemic began pushing back the fishing trip into the following year. Anxiety set in throughout the long waiting, and I began to believe my Groupon would be no more. Thankfully, Aaron was very responsive, reassuring me the trip was still good. So finally, in May 2021, my son and I went fishing! The weather was perfect; the water was calm, the sun was out, and the launch from shore was pretty cool. There’s something cool about a big-wheeled tractor pushing a boat into the water. Aaron and his deckhand (son) were fantastic! They prioritized safety and made sure everyone succeeded in limiting out. My son landed the group’s giant halibut, making his day even better.

We had such a good time we bought another trip for July (two months later), but instead of my son, I took my dad. This time, the Inlet was a little more emotional; let’s say a couple of people in the group didn’t feel so great. Thankfully I took some motion sickness pills beforehand. The water eventually simmered down, and my dad landed the giant halibut of the group (I know it’s not a competition, but that’s twice now my family reeled in the largest fish, it sure does feel good, to say). Fishing with this charter has been the best fishing charter experience since living in Alaska. We now have reservations for a Halibut and King combo for this year. I can’t wait to see who brings in the largest fish this time around. Thanks to Aaron and his crew at Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions for the best fishing experiences the Cook Inlet has to offer!

– Eddie

Gulf Coast Fishing - Long-range Fishing Expeditions

Board the 55’ BEAR and leave it behind.

This is the ultimate Alaska fishing trip. Stay aboard, fish around the clock if you choose, or relax around the spacious vessel and soak in the sights and sounds of Alaska where few venture to travel. We will depart Homer, Alaska and traverse the Gulf of Alaska into the Kenai Fjords and the Kodiak island archipelago. Regular, if not daily, whale sightings and calving glaciers in the midst of some of the most fertile fishing grounds in the world. You can catch nearly any saltwater specie Alaska has to offer.

Opportunities for shrimping as well as collecting glacier Ice for drinks and as always, custom designed destinations for your group. With nearly 20 feet of rail per person you will have all the room to lounge or be a rockstar angler 3, 5, 7 day trips available. All meals, fishing tackle and bunks provided as well as lifetime Alaskan crew to guide you into the most beautiful part of the state.

3-5-7 Life-Break Mini-Cruise Fishing Adventure!

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Maximum of 6 people, 4 person minimum
$4,500 per day, 3 day minimum.
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