Homer Coastal Black Bear Combo

5 days and 6 nights hunting adventure package!
Late April – May

Duration: 5 days and 6 nights.

Persons: 6 people maximum.



Our Black Bear hunts begin in the Homer Alaska Boat Harbor. You will fly to Anchorage and rent a vehicle and enjoy the beautiful drive to Homer!

Lodging provided on the night before your trip aboard the boat in the Marina. We will depart for the hunting grounds early in the morning and start glassing the coast line a couple hours out and glass for bears the rest of the day and probably stop to fish a bit!

When you see the bear you are interested in we take and drop you on shore. You are only allowed one bear. If you want to hunt off the beaches we can accommodate that as well. Fishing is a big part of the trip if you so choose.

5 days and 6 nights hunting adventure package!

Late April – May

Role As A Transporter/Outfitter

To be clear, prior to booking, we are NOT guides. We operate as TRANSPORTERS only. This means that we legally CANNOT-

  • Guide you in the process of hunting
  • Provide maps of any kind for targeting game
  • Assist removal of game, other than by providing the transportation from beach to mothership
  • Assist in the skinning, de-boning, or butchering etc. of your game
  • Assist in the care of meat
  • Provide ANY hunting equipment, we do provide fishing gear and processing.
  • A contract will be required upon booking

Clients are responsible for the salvage of meat and can be transferred if desired. The operator and Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions assumes no liability for circumstances beyond their control.

Transport Lic. #1075
“A Licensed transporter may provide transportation services with accommodations only at a permanent lodge, house, or cabin owned by the transporter or on a boat with permanent living quarters located on saltwater. A licensed transporter may not accompany or remain in the field with a hunter who is a client of the transporter except as necessary to perform transportation services” ; and “A licensed transporter may not provide fuel, vehicles, camping, or cleaning of game, glassing, and packing in the field, including from a permanent structure or on a boat on saltwater.”

Alaska Residents

We do not charge extra if you want to hunt Alaska Mountain Goats (residency required) or Brown Bear draw tag required. We also offer our services for Rosevelt Elk on Afognak and Raspberry islands. Custom trip length and other spots outside of our typical operating areas also considered.

Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions requires lawful hunting at all times. Hunters are expected to follow Alaska hunting and fishing regulations.

Helpful Local links

ADFG for fish and hunt licensing and tags

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