7 Amazing Outdoor Activities on the Gulf Coast of Alaska

The gulf coast of Alaska isn’t for everyone. However, while the state is remote and cold, it has panoramic views. From fishing to gulf coast hunting in Alaska, one never runs short of ideas for what to do in this state that offers limitless sceneries and activities. Ready for a gulf coast expedition? Here is a compilation of some of the best gulf coast outdoor adventures you can enjoy while touring Alaska.

Day Cruises

The best way to take in the state’s outstanding coastal scenery is by going on a day cruise. One may get the chance to watch seals, puffins, and whales and also witness massive ice towers crashing into the water. While passing through the fantastic fjords and inlets, people may watch mountain goats and bears clinging to cliffs.

Usually, day cruises depart from the coastal towns. Cruises offer one value for their money, some of which may include a meal. What’s more? A day cruise is suitable for the whole family so people can tag along with their loved ones. On-board rangers have programs that will ensure the kids are engaged.

Bear Viewing

Another fantastic outdoor activity during one’s gulf coast vacation in Alaska is bear viewing. Strong nomadic bears are the epitome of the Alaskan wild. For this activity, a person could visit a national park. Here, one can see the animals up close for several hours and watch them playfully eat berries and fish or splash in the water.

Bears are skilled hunters that command admiration. Alaska has over 35000 brown bears and 50000 black bears roaming its untamed wilderness. Unlike the other animals, it is hard to come across bears on the way. A person has to go looking for them. Those that want a closer view of the bears can always engage the services of air-taxi operators that can take them to spots with excellent viewing angles.
The adventure offers an insight into the culture of these creatures. Also, getting to good,bear-viewing spots is in itself an experience as one gets to fly over mountain peaks, golden tundra, and enormous ice fields. For the best experience, consider staying in a bear-viewing lodge. Here, one can enjoy a quiet time when all the watchers leave.


Of all the fun gulf coast outdoor adventures a person can engage in during their visit to Alaska, nothing beats fishing. The activity is affordable, quite easy, and doesn’t take much time. With over 34,000 coastline miles and several pristine rivers and lakes, Alaska fishing is something everyone visiting the state should include on their itinerary.

Halibut and salmon are what most vacationers will most likely be going after. The good news is that one does not require special equipment or experience, as there will be guides to offer instructions and assistance. Urban fishing typically involves bumping elbows with fellow anglers. So, if a person wishes to fish in far-to-reach places, they may consider a fly-in trip to get them away from most anglers.

Northern Lights Viewing

The Alaskan northern lights can be viewed from mid-April to mid-August. Viewing isn’t possible during the summer months as they do not get dark enough. One should, however, remember that seeing the lights isn’t guaranteed. They may be covered by clouds or fail to appear in one’s location. The good news? A person can do something to improve their chances of seeing the northern lights. They could plan a 5 to 7-day trip is critical. Three nights can be dedicated to locating the lights, so the chances of seeing them will be 90%.

Dog Sledding

Picture racing across a forest in Alaska on a sled pulled by strong dogs. This is what is called dog sledding. The ancient Alaskan tradition is celebrated annually in March. Going on a dog sledding excursion is the perfect opportunity to learn about this tradition and experience dogsledding first-hand.

This activity has several options, but almost all include touring dog kennels, watching how the champion dogs are trained, and getting cuddly with their puppies. While most dogsledding tours are ideal for kids, they are available to people of all ages.


An unexplainable feeling comes with drifting in the wind several feet from the ground in the seat of a plane. This is a common experience in Alaska, as most of the state’s residents have aircraft licenses. Air taxis, like yellow cabs in major cities worldwide, are common in Alaska. A large portion of Alaska is inaccessible, so flightseeing offers a view of the state’s landscape, which isn’t possible when a person is on the ground.

While up in the clouds, a person can enjoy the scenic views below. One can experience the magnificent rivers running from glacier-filled valleys and aspen forests. There are small planes fitted with floats to land on ocean bays, mountain lakes, or remote rivers. Others use skis to rest in snowy glaciers. Most flights provide window seats, individual headsets, and pilot narration.

Sea Kayaking

Getting into a sea kayak gives a new meaning to water exploration. Kayaking may need one to put in more effort than rafting, but there is no need to worry as the learning is quick. Typically, a sea kayaking trip takes only half a day. It starts with a short lesson on paddling safety and technique. On some trips, people may stop to go hiking or have lunch ashore. For the more athletic paddlers, all-day trips would be ideal. They may include overnight lodging or camping.

Unlike rafting trips, where there is a likelihood of seeing land-based animals, sea kayaking tours provide views of marine life. People can watch otters, seals, sea lions, and even fish below the water’s surface. Because the activity usually happens close to the shores, there is a likelihood of seeing bears ad goats.


One can never run out of activities to do during their gulf coast expeditions in Alaska. Besides the activities mentioned above, other notable things to engage in while in this magnificent state include going on glacier and rafting tours and hiking. Whether one desires to go gulf coast hunting in Alaska or fishing, there are several gulf coast adventures to engage in while in this state.